Grab Attention on Your WordPress Blog

This is about a wordpress plugin and believe me it’s one of the best free plugins which can ever be used on wordpress to grab attention.

This wordpress plugin is excellent and grabs the attention of the visitor instantly – when visitor visits your blog or blog page.

Attention Bar
This is the wordpress plugin, which is designed to serve its name. Attention Bar is the true attention grabber. It’s easy to install and configure.

Attention Bar is installed in the header of your wordpress blog. You can choose the colors and height of your Attention Bar. Also, you can define various other parameters with it.

Most importantly, this wordpress plugin auto-rotates your written messages – as per the duration you defined in the settings. It will not only display the multiple messages – but it does supports the HTML – therefore, if you need to mention any hyperlink you can easily write the code.

attention bar

You can display not only your important messages to visitors but it can also be used as the marketing tool. You can display your affiliate link information in this Attention Bar.

With the kind of customization available with Attention Bar – You can customize to an extent to attract greater attention of visitors.

Download Attention Bar – Click here

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