Halt The Chase for PageRank

People need some reason to write and some reason to talk because I strongly feel that people often fall short of topics when it comes to talking about Webmaster things. We have to realize that Internet has grown but still it is not that much that all people are aware of the micro-developments that are happening to it.

Even I sometimes fall short of information and react to some silly things that are probably of no matter at all – alas! Human mentality.

But on core issue about the SEO which has been discussed on various platforms and webmaster sites and even the makers have clarified but still I see many people are falling short of this piece of information.

I am talking about PageRank here – even when Google has clarified the issue or dropping and various Webmaster sites have further written about the dropped then also many-many people are chasing for PageRank.

They have a point – even when Google Webmaster tools have dropped the PR stats – it is still available in Google Toolbar and most importantly it rates also. I would like to provide a very simple explanation to all those.

PageRank is the copyright stuff and the brand made by Google – and to finally drop a brand is a toughest thing for a big name like Google – but by removing it from Webmaster tools – it is a clarification that this does not mean any thing in Webmaster terms.

Therefore, all people who are chasing PR and paying high for linking back from high PR sites – just halt for sometime and realize the world has changed – so start gathering backlinks not the PR backlinks.

If confused about backlinks issue then stay tuned – I will contribute some more to this topic.

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