Have Expressive Titles for Your Web Pages

Titles determine the pages name, it usually describes that what you will be getting if you are viewing any particular page heading. Also, page headings or Titles are important on Google search because it’s your site’s face on search.

Also, It helps Google to distinguish between the different pages present in your website. But there has been a recent change in the Google policy. So, make the changes accordingly on your website/blog for it.

Title Policy Now on Google.com
Google is confused about the site titles – because people normally, would type in the titles like: About us – Contact us – Services etc.

So, if you see Google, there are billions of these similar page titles in their index, which is why Google changed the title policy. It has been done to have the proper differentiation between the pages of the website.

Like for example: You are having about us and your website name is Infogle.com – so you have to write it the same way – explaining in the title itself:

> About us of Infogle.com
or > About us for Infogle.com
> Contact us Information of Infogle.com

Titles should have a proper definition that what are they meant for. It will not only help Google – but it will benefit your site too on the search index.

People searching for content will have proper information that what link they are clicking on and you could get more precise traffic for your site – that is why it is recommended now to have a definitive title for your web pages.

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