Important Geo-Targeting SEO Strategies

Creating an SEO strategy for your web site requires more than just choosing what search engines and directories it should appear in. Another consideration is where your site should be listed geographically. Geo-targeting is a method of targeting specific traffic for your web site, based on the geographical location of your business.

As more and more Internet users take advantage of the Internet as a purchasing and research tool, those same users are integrating local searches into their behaviors and habits. For example, if a person is in the market to buy a plasma television, he may spend time on the Internet searching for facts and information about plasma TVs. In the beginning, this information can be generic in nature. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, so long as it answers the customer’s questions.

The next phase of the buying process will then be pricing the television. And this will also take place on the Internet. Geography now is becoming more important, but it’s not until the actual sale takes place that geography becomes essential. Because many users choose to research on the Internet and purchase in the store (or purchase on the Internet and pick up in the store), that customer might take the time to find a local store (using the Internet) that offers the brand and price he is looking for. If your site isn’t listed in some kind of local directory or categorized on at least one level by location, you’ll miss out on those sales.


Geo-targeting is the practice of catering to site users based on their location. And it’s smart SEO. Many search engines and directories offer some type of geo-targeting capabilities. Usually, these either require that your physical location be included on your web site, or that you list your site in the right section of a directory.

You’ve heard it said, “location, location, location.” Well, location is just as important on the Internet as it in the real world, so don’t skip the geo-targeting aspect of optimizing your web site. Give search engines and directories the extra information they need to ensure that your site shows up in local searches.

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