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I was very eager to write today the reason being this opportunity comes very rare, don’t be confuse I am talking about the 29th Feb once in a 4 year opportunity, so how one can miss this day.

So, as this day is special so there has to be something special to write about, therefore I thought about writing about enhancement.

How to enhance your chances:
Like always its is said write original, new and unique. Okay! Right one follows this suggestion. Take ideas by visiting blogs; visit the affiliate account to see the new offers to get some unique topic to write about, one follows all this.

But what is that extra punch which is to be given to boost your chances in search engines. I mean there could be 100’s of post and if your post is amount 10-best for a certain kind of keyword you will stand on first page of search engine. But this does not mean that ranking on first page is to have a better click ratio or being a favorite of the user to click your site from the first 10 of the search results.

There is a simple law to follow:
Whenever you write a post just make the appropriate heading for the post, and key is write the post heading in CAPS. The effect will be that whenever your site is included in the search result the keywords in the heading will be bold and as they are in CAPS so they are more eye catching and hence pertain users to click on your website.

Example is included below with the image. I have written a post some time back about the “points to guard paypal dispute and your selling” and I have written the heading in CAPS, so whenever the search is made in the Google about the keywords my heading gets highlighted.

Blog Heading

There is another law that can be followed if you don’t want your heading to by all CAPS, so make initial CAPS in your heading, as they are also of same value.

A very simple suggestion to follow and make your blog more visible in the search.

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