Is SEO Just About Backlinks

People who think SEO is just about backlinks are absolutely wrong – SEO is not just about backlinks and SEO is not a particular method or application that you could apply and gain your search engine ranking.

SEO is a practice – a series of methods that needs to be applied for any website before it rises in the search engine ranking.

Logic to Understand
The beginners – who jump in to the Webmaster field by reading a few texts on Internet about SEO, normally do the mistakes. See; if you can build 1000-backlinks then just think about a company who has around 20-staff members in their team and money to spend – they could build at least 10x more backlinks then you.

So, search engine should raise their ranking as they have better backlinks than you. But seriously this is not the case. Backlinks are just a part of the series of methods that you need to apply in SEO.

Therefore, building backlinks for SEO is history now. Google has evolved much.

What is Needed Foremost
Like always; you need to have some unique content and meaningful content present on your website – then let Google crawl that content and the content should be so meaningful that people cant ignore it.

Since, it is always said that work for humans and not search engines. Search engines will list those contents only which are liked by humans and is of good knowledge.

Stop building backlinks – it might degrade your search engine listing – work on your content first – your website and then build the backlinks.

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