Kind of SEO Will Never Fail

All are just too afraid of Google and their SEO policies – but all is just for the well being of Internet community. We never know that what kind of seo will function in future and which is likely to get banned.

From last few years we all have seen this – some time ago directories were favorite and good for producing simple backlinks – but Google put a ban on them. Therefore, it is too risky on the kind of seo that you should do and not be ban in long term.

Not For Today
SEO is the kind of work, which is not done for today as the results reflect in future only and if done SEO work in future in banned by Google then all your efforts go waste. There might be such offers on SEO sites that could be too juicy but calculate the future before opting for all these.

One Which I Know
Kind of SEO which I know and will never fail in my view is blog comments – blog comments are the serious and legit way to gain backlinks in quick time – also these are Google terms friendly and completely manual.

Good blogs will never approve the spam comments – so it is likely that only the quality/legit comments will appear.

You need to be sure that only quality work will remain in future so if you are opting for blog comments – just make 50% of your comments on nice and good blogs. Keeping the future perspective in mind.

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