Meta-tags Reality Check and SEO

As Google is advancing by every passing day and new policies being implemented all the time – therefore it has been difficult to withstand with all these. But nothing could be done.

Google policies seem to be bitter initially but with the time and understanding one gets to understand that they are safe and implemented for enhanced search experience.

There are few other facts as well – in SEO and Google search, which you should always follow.

SEO Facts for Your Website
People try to spread myth not intentionally but due to lack of knowledge – they seem to do so. One such thing is the use of meta-tags.

Meta-tags like: description – site’s keyword – and copyright should always be written – despite of what other SEO providers say.

Some people in meta-tags uses the unnecessary keywords – which are not related to their sites. But I would recommend using the same keyword related to site. Also, the length should be maintained in meta-tags – You should not write complete article in the description – same is with keywords.

This do helps
Meta-tags are always helpful as many search engines still carry these – on the other hand with meta-tags being implemented on site gives, the detailed information about site when search is performed. Whether on Google or Any other search engine.

If possible try to give the copyright mark to your meta-tags. Some basics despite of upside down changes taking place – needs to be used.

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