Method to Grab Backlinks

If you decide to have backlinks for your site and you are not interested in getting the SEO way but rather approaching the link trading partners or even if you have decided to directly approach individual webmasters for your link placement.

This particular blog post will help you in every possible way – of trading links.

As this has emerged one of the best businesses on web to trade links and make money with it. But you need to be watchful when you are trading links.

Careful Link Trading
There are certain things you need to take care when you are getting your link placed on other websites – My previous post was on the things that you need to know before you are buying links from link traders. In this you need to check the website.

Don’t Trade with Websites:

  1. Catalog sites – which have nothing to display much.
  2. Sites those are online for less than 6months.
  3. Inactive sites – those have PR but not having traffic.

Ask this question on your own – that why are you purchasing links and what is the need – then choose your placement accordingly.

If you can really take care of this basic thing – while trading for links on websites – then you might be able to succeed in having backlinks for your website. Also, take care that your links are not placed on the same set of IP. As same server IPs for multiple sites can be rejected or remain not counted.

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