New Addition of SEO Tools to Infogle

If you have been following my blog regularly then you must be knowing in the blog post some days back I had written that 14 Jan 2009 is the anniversary 5th anniversary of and you will see some nice and happening updates to Infogle.

In that series only I am just disclosing the current update, which is done and its available for public.

New Update
The update is in The SEO section of Infogle. In The SEO section you will find some of the great seo tools with which you can easily do the seo research for your website or blog in seconds.

The tools are helpful in way that these tools are specially designed for the cause of SEO. You need to use it to see how they work.

The most helpful is the keyword position and density checker. The tools present herein give you detailed information of stats.

Just visit The SEO section and see the right column “The SEO Tools”

Just Buzz Me
If you find any difficulty using these seo tools just leave your comment here describing what you witnessed and I will see to it that it resolves as soon as possible.

More updates are coming till 14 Jan as celebrates its 5th year in working.

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