Optimization Life After PageRank Dropped

Now when I have written two post already on page rank and its dropped implications – I do also mentioned that what is next when PR is finished in the webmaster sense and you should stop chasing and then what is the way left.

Here it is All About After PR
PageRank do urge all of us to take high page rank backlinks to increase the PR of our site – since it was simple calculation – how many high PR links back to your site your rank will increase.

Now when all is dropped – there is no confusion of taking high PageRank backlinks in my sense – there I again tell you stop chasing the pageranks.

Now what you have to do is get backlinks from the sites – related to your niche – which are performing well in their niche – this will gradually increase your search engine ranking and optimize your site for keywords – don’t get blindly attracted to the offers which float in webmaster forums – that “Get PR5-6 at lowest prices” – because they are reaping the last funds that can be made with PR domains by giving backlinks to other sites.

I do think that after PR issue is gone – link directory existence will soon come into limelight. Though I have not researched anything about this – but have a strong feeling that directories will come in to existence again.

Keep It Simple
So, till we do not have any researched analysis that what will be after PR – you should start gathering backlinks from the high performing related niche in order to pull the search engine ranking.

As, this will always help – not only in terms of optimization but also in terms of traffic – so it’s the evergreen way.

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