Programming Languages and SEO: Part 3 – ASP

Most of the sites you’ll encounter on the Web are static web pages. These sites don’t change beyond the regular updates by a webmaster. On the other hand, dynamic web pages are web pages that are created on the fly according to preferences that users specify in a form or menu. The sites can be created using a variety of different programming technologies including dynamic ASP.

The problem with these sites is that they don’t technically exist until the user creates them. Because a web crawler can’t make the selections that “build” these pages, most dynamic web pages aren’t indexed in search engines.


There are ways around this, however. Dynamic URLs can be converted to static URLs with the right coding. It’s also possible to use paid inclusion services to index dynamic pages down to a predefined number of levels (or number of selections, if you’re considering the site from the user’s point of view).

Dynamic ASP, like many of the other languages used to create web sites, carries with it a unique set of characteristics. But that doesn’t mean SEO is impossible for those pages. It does mean that the approach used for the SEO of static pages needs to be modified. It’s an easy enough task, and a quick search of the Internet will almost always provide the programming code you need to achieve SEO.

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