Promoting a Product and Not Reviewing Correctly

Now just beware of the fact – if you are blogger and you are promoting a kind of product or service with review and only review the positive points or not reviewing it correctly than you might be at risk.

FTC is about to regulate the blogs and other social media networks where people do such kind of thing. The reason of doing so is said “People are not reviewing the correct information or product exactly and this is creating problems for others who buy or opt for the product – hence the reviewing authority should be liable for this”.

Also, they are relating to the other leaders in the market such as Microsoft – Pepsi etc that certain reviews or word-of-mouth have affected the marketing of such brands also.

What I Feel
Okay if they are regulating such blogs or review they may be right on their front that companies or products, which are misrepresented, have to incur much loss in sales and marketing.

On the other hand I do feel that blogs are becoming such a powerful tool that they can affect the major Superbrands of the market.

Great Going!

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