Protect Your Original Content By Simple Methods

Content is the king – this is the phrase, which rules the Internet. Most of the people have realized this and are urging for good content to embed in their blogs or websites. Content is not only necessary to bring traffic but it is the key point in making good sales volumes also.

As we are growing and more and more people now looking for content, this apparently has given rise to duplicate content or copying content from the original sites. Blog and article writers are often worried about this – that how to protect the content from being copied.

A user popped me up with an interesting question, he said; he has disabled the right click so that content could not be copied – I know this is very amateurish answer – but it was it.

So, blocking the right click access is not about protecting your content – protecting your content is also you can say like this letting first google or any search engine know that you were the first in writing the content so that they don’t mark the content as copied content.

For telling search engines the content you have written is original is immediately after publishing the blog post – place the links in social bookmarking sites and various other places, which are often crawled by search engines quickly.

I am definitely sure that this way search engines would mark your content as yours because you notified them about this creation.

You can also term it as reporting first, who report it first gets the place – this is also applicable for the rewritten content. Try it to believe it.

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