Real or Unreal Blog Commenting Offers

The best backlinks to get these days are through blogs – and the big spam that is happening off backlinks is also on blog commenting. People are flashing the unreal offers and without thinking of the offer others are indulging themselves.

Blog commenting is such a good thing and if done correctly you could easily enhance your backlink ratio and rise in the search engine listing. At the same time you need to be careful with all the offers that are floating around the Webmaster area.

Unreal Blog Commenting Offers
First thing you need to understand that you cannot control the blog comments approval, the blog administrator can only approve it. Also, one can’t guarantee the approval time – an approx time of approval can be mentioned but not the exact time.

The unreal offers often say you the following and whenever you are opting for any blog commenting offer do take care of the following:

  1. Unrealistic numbers of blog comments in the short time.
  2. Unrealistic numbers of approval.
  3. Approval in short span of time.
  4. Unrealistic low pricing for per blog comments.

Things to Watch Out
When you opt for any blog commenting plan – do watch out that your niche is covered on a wide scale and not just concentrated on a particular thing.

Asking for testimonials is always good, so that you can easily crosscheck companies’ performance.

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