Real Usage Facts of Google Adwords Vouchers

We all know how easy is to get Google adwords vouchers and these days Webmaster forums are filled with the offers about people selling Google Adwords vouchers – nearly of all denomination.

But there are few glitches that are to be considered when you opt for any such offer. It doesn’t matter that what seller says about the Google Adwords vouchers.

Remember About Google Adwords
I don’t know about other parts of the world – but especially for Indian Google Adwords users – even if you have Google Adwords voucher – you need to deposit the minimum amount to start your Google Adwords campaign.

Though this is not the activation money and the money you deposit can be used completely. Activation fees for Google Adwords is deduced from the voucher itself – but since Google has made a policy for the Indian Adwords users – they will not approve your account if you don’t deposit the minimum amount of money.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter that what seller claims – you need to deposit the cash in order to start your Google Adwords campaign and gain the balance from voucher.

google adwords vouhcer

Also, a basic fact about the usage of Google Adwords: These vouchers can only be used on the new Google Adwords account (almost all).

So don’t fall in to the cheesy lines – You need to have money to activate your account and also you need a fresh Google Adwords account.

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