Review Writing and Third Party Sites

Review business on blogs is on rise people just love to write reviews and get review offers for their blogs. Also, advertisers are more than interested to give away reviews to the blogs.

This rise in review writing thus has given chance to many third party services to launch a site for getting advertisers and bloggers on one platform, some of them are PayperPost, etc.

But after all this I don’t believe that advertisers have actually calculated the profits and negatives or blog review writing.

Current Scene
People are getting reviews quite easily and advertisers are just throwing them the offers. All these third party sites which are acting as middleman are getting hundreds of bloggers signups everyday so they are just up to making money.

Some advertisers in lack of information just choose the category which they have to place to but they don’t have any view to look at the particular blogs to get the review or get to know before that which blog is writing them the review.

The problem with this is that the third party sites, which bring in the reviews from the bloggers, have a stagnant signup form to select the categories to which their blog fall. Due to this advertisers are presented with a set category option to choose.

If the advertiser is looking to get review for their Web Designing review they will fall in computer or Internet category. Here actually all starts when advertiser is looking for designing and gets to computer hardware or software or Internet news blogs, then the review gets wasted and the money invested gets nothing.


What should be done
There should be independent blogs to choose from and also the categories if the advertiser has enough of money to not worry of some miswritten reviews then one could go for the categories choice and if one is keen to choose he could choose.

If this could not happen in near future then take my word review writing will be no longer on internet as the junk reviews will actually blow off advertisers as they will not reap anything from the invested reviews.

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