SEO for WordPress Blogs

People are very much concerned about the SEO for their wordpress blogs – and though search for plugins that optimize the wordpress blogs. If you search for SEO plugins for wordpress – you can get tons of plugins – but do you really need the help of plugins to optimize your blog.

SEO WordPress
If you see the structure of wordpress – you will find that it already comes with the basic optimization and you just need to enhance a bit. You can do the following:

1. Install XML sitemaps plugin
XML sitemap plugin is indeed needed much because this makes the correct sitemaps for your wordpress site and also inform the search engines about it. This is a must-required plugin.

2. Related Post Plugin
This is needed so as to bind the user – to your blog – by providing more posts information on the same post. This provides the depth to your blog – by showcasing related post to the topic.

3. Permalinks Structure
Keep a check on the permalinks structure and always try for the correct permalinks structure – though this is not as important – but it does helps a bit.

4. Your Content
Keep writing the excellent content – as it is most liked by search engines than anything else.

Also, keep a check on the comments you approve because spam comments do look like genuine comments – so don’t approve spam comments and keep your blog clean. Using these simple tricks you can easily optimize your wordpress blog.

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