Social Bookmarking For Backlinks or Traffic

For promoting website there are various kind of methods that are used and these can also be used to make the backlinks and also for generating traffic for website.

I was tossed this question in Webmaster forum – is social bookmarking website can give you backlinks.

Answer About Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking evolved few years ago with a bang – that can easily enhance your website listing and people were jumping at it. True!

But with all Google algorithm changes in the recent years – has driven the social bookmarking websites in back foot.

Since, it is clear that social bookmarking sites can no more be used for making backlinks – but it is not right that social bookmarking sites are dead.

For Traffic
Sole purpose of social bookmarking sites is now to generate traffic for the links. Since, the links and information submitted to social bookmarking sites are easily crawled by search engines.

social bookmarking

Therefore, your submitted information is readily available on search engines – even if you don’t have your site listed at the top of the search engines for the keyword.

This method thus helps in generating quality traffic for your website, and as the quality traffic increases – the chances of organically building your backlinks increases.

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