Stopping Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement can happen to you, too. If you include original content on your site, it’s very likely that someone will come along and copy that content without your permission for use on their site.

It’s important that you spend a little time each week checking for copyright infringement on your original articles. One way to do this is to pull a unique phrase from your article or other content and search for it on the Internet. If others are using your copy, it’s likely that your unique phrase will pop up in the search results.

The problem with manually searching for unauthorized copies of your web-site content is that it’s very time consuming, especially if you have hundreds of pages of content. But there’s good news. Some services and software applications can help you quickly find duplicate copies of your content.

One web-based service is provided by Copyscape ( You can use its free service to search the Web for content found at a specific URL. The results are usually accompanied by links to search other pages on your site.

One disappointment I noticed with the free version of Copyscape is that the pages that returned in the search results were old pages. Some of the pages shown in the preceding illustration for my web site no longer exist. It seems that to receive the most benefit from Copyscape you need to pay for the premium version of the application.

Copyscape isn’t expensive. Copyscape Premium is just $.05 per search, and Copysentry, an application that automatically monitors the Web for your content, is just $4.95 per month.

Another service you can use to monitor or search the Web for copyright infringement is CyberAlert ( There are also several other services, so you have some choice of protection should you decide that you need it.

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