Terms for Adsense and You

People often asks on webmaster forum that – this particular method is okay with adsense – or that particular method is okay with adsense and other webmasters reply to them that what is right and what is not.

The mistake is they have not read the adsense terms and conditions – but even you have not read the TOS for adsense – there are some basic logics that you can use to understand that what is good and what’s not.

Basic Logic for Adsense Niche
No traffic generators or auto page loads are permitted – since they work falsely and are not true visitors for your content.

Be in the situation and feel yourself as an advertiser – would you like to pay for the visitors that falsely click your ads and are in no view connected with the product that you are marketing.

Same logic works behind this.

Also, do take care when you exchange links with anyone for your adsense sites – since the bad niche selection for exchanging links could also damage your adsense account.

Would like to say only one thing – before asking others you should ask yourself – will you permit the way you are advertising for your adsense site.

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