Things That Make Search/Crawl Bots Angry

Though they are not humans but they have senses, they have brains and they are programmed to act this way and they can easily sense something is not good. Yes search/crawl bots all do have these qualities and that is why you need to very careful with them.

Now the nature of search/crawl bot as we all know is to visit your site and crawl pages, content, and whatever else is available. Now, you can easily make them happy or unhappy.

We all know search/crawl bots are hungry programs designed for the hunt for new content, materials or anything new. Since they don’t find something new happening they will not come to your site.

Therefore, it is much necessary to add something new to your site on consistent basis – as this is the only way you can make the search/crawl bots happy. You can add anything new – whether content, new page, new section, or new image – anything so that search/crawl bots know something is new happening and they will return.

If you not add anything new for days – it will give a clear impression to the search/crawl bots that site is dead and they will automatically skip your site from the crawling list. If once your site is erased from crawling list – it is like starting from the scratch to list it back to the crawling list.

Therefore, it is always advisable to add something new – if you are thinking that how can you do it daily – then stay tuned to my blog – I will post about that also that how can you update your site without sitting in front of computer.

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