Things WordPress Theme Should Have

People do try to implement the new wordpress themes and few of them are search engine optimized – but people generally rely on the getting new themes and don’t actually calculate the implications that are needed in any wordpress theme to make it perfect.

I recently received an email from someone – stating that he is not receiving good amount of hits due to his wordpress theme – this statement might be correct – because if you don’t have a user-friendly interface – you might end up nowhere.

What To Do
When you implement any new theme or are looking to buy any new theme – you need to take care of the following.

  1. WordPress theme content area should always be in lite color – for correct viewing.
  2. You need to place the big banner just on the content area – for receiving high CTR.
  3. Have a space to highlight your exclusive affiliate programs.
  4. Clearly display categories and if possible try to enable their post count.
  5. Always have header space to place a banner.
  6. Enough space for placing widgets.

If you can follow some of these in selecting or making new wordpress theme – I am sure you will get – good amount of hits.

Make your wordpress theme interactive enough – so visitors could enjoy reading and they come back – theme should have a soothing effect. Just keep a check that you should not use too loud colors and too many advertisement placements – which could irritate the users.

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