What’s So Special About Blog Design?

The question in concern is – why it is said to use a unique blog design – when it comes to professional blogging – as the content makes the blog not the design and also design is not at all important for the SEO.

If you had this question in your mind then probably here you will find the answer to it.

Blog Design
Why all the pro-bloggers use the unique design and not just any premium available wordpress themes – as these premium themes, which are available, are also nicely made templates.

So, the one line answer is – To be Unique.

As, it is said for content – to write unique – same way when it comes to blog design it has to be unique – not used anywhere else – it does provide the extra edge to blogs – also helps when you tend to make a brand with your blog.

Everyone has a different way to approach for marketing – so with unique design in place – they can implement their own way of marketing – which is likely not possible with the readymade templates.

Not the End
Even if you don’t want to spend a good chunk of money on the unique blog design – then you can always alter the readymade themes – to give it somewhat unique shape.

Don’t worry about – not knowing codes to edit the theme – hire someone to do it – the cost to edit the template is not much – but all depends on the kind of customization you are attempting to the readymade theme.

Brand comes after the value of the product – this is what I can say in terms of blogging – if you do have unique design and not able to add valuable content to it – then it is of no use – since content is the life of blog.

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