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As for me the tweet in 140 characters is a mess because when I am writing I usually flow with the content and over-write it – few years ago I realized this problem and was prompted by some fellow bloggers too that don’t over-write the content.

But when it comes to tweet – it is like squeezing your content in a zip file – by far that zip function in software works very easy but my mind sometimes can’t zip the content to post in the twitter – therefore I had to tweet for 2-3 and may be sometimes for 5-regular times to complete my that sentence or tweet.

Since this is not my problem – this may happen to anybody out there – it may be times that you have to tweet long but failing to tweet long – and splitting your content in 2-3 tweets usually feels vague and difficult to understand for anybody who is reading them.

Tweet Long
The easy solution has been carved out for all of those who face this problem – twitlonger.com is a website which works on the way for you to write as much as you want on your twitter message.

It Works
Very simple working it has API installed so you can easily signup with your twitter account and in the write message box you can write the whole world and press the submit button below – and your tweet is published – but the fact is that your tweet will only be of 140 characters though as per the tweet policies – but for the remaining content they issue a short URL which your followers can click and read the rest of the content in one place.

Pretty simple isn’t it!

Therefore, the complex issue of zipping your mind content in 140 characters is now gone with such websites.

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