Your Website and the Blog

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the website is the only avenue of opportunity to attract traffic. Even though the URL for the website is an easy way to lure in visitors, a blog can offer many of the same benefits. Once you’ve developed a killer product, your next step would naturally be to create a web site. The web site must be designed to sell, and this is not something that is achievable with a simple blog.

The blog, then, can turn into a lead-in to your website. Combined with posting on Yahoo! Answers, you can start to promote the link to your blog and establish credibility and rapport with potential customers. The foundation of your business no longer needs to stay at within the domain of your website. You can actively engage users and visitors through blog comments, providing updated articles, and creating ongoing ‘news’ so that people stay interested.


This is one step beyond a simple newsletter or subscriber list as well. Although you will have plenty of success with a squeeze page on your website, encouraging people to interact with your business in a new way can help you create some fresh interest. Making sure your blog still fits the requirements for compelling writing and marketing is important.

You still want to deliver quality information, clear headlines, and plenty of keywords so that your blog is identified easily by search engines. In some cases, you might even find that the blog itself attracts more visitors than the standard website!

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