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The instant word resembles to the quick things, or tasks. You can relate instant to many things around the world. But now is the way to get some instant about blogging world.
The Service
I am talking about Plurk it’s the new and modern way to share some instant information. This is a new way of micro-blogging. Micro-blogging as the term describes itself that it’s a new form of micro-blogging, but I will term it as instant-blogging.
The platform is better and when you logged in the system you can see the creative work of the team behind Plurk. It looks very interesting to work in Plurk.
The Idea
Plurk relates to all of those who wants something instant rather than writing a hefty information page and then click publish. If you are keen about information sharing and your information is pinpoint so the Plurk has it for you.
You connect to the other people instantly and the registration page is quite simple and instant though. There are many things you can do in Plurk, like: sharing flickr photos and YouTube videos.
For Interest Building
Plurk team has also been able to integrate a nice idea “Karma” which could be well of interest building. The “Karma” is the option, which gives you points on inviting your friends and couple of extra things.
To increase “Karma” is because the highest you have and you will be placed on the frontpage of interesting plurkers.
Best Part
This is the best possible instant promotion that you can use to promote whatever thing you have like your blogs, your website or any idea.

Do Join me on Plurk to see how it works.

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