Vodafone India is Bluffing Customers

Few of the International Giants when come to India start bluffing about the facts and services in the same phase Vodafone India are no Different.

What They are Doing?
Vodafone is actually sending messages for the new subscribers (as in our case) that the call rate for Local and STD is 35paisa/Min on your SIM.

The fact is when we made local calls assuming that the call rate was 35paisa / minute – To our surprise we were actually charged more than a rupee per minute. No different in STD charges.

We Cross Checked
Immediately we made call to Vodafone India Customer care and verified that you people sent the message for 35paisa/min Local and STD and we are actually being charged over Rs.1/minute – So bluntly, customer care executive rejected it and said that there is no local plan for 35paisa per minute – Yes there is actually a STD plan but that is not active your SIM.

Also, when we said that we have received such a message from Vodafone itself – so executive clearly rejected – that we could not send such messages.


We truly believe this, that Vodafone is actually bluffing and over-charging the customer with their false allegations. As, its not an Indian company so all the profits are shared with their parent counterpart.

If you think on broader picture – how many customers and how much of funds has been actually scammed with such false allegations. Amount could be in millions. Therefore, TRAI should take the immediate actions to stop such a thing. As, its not Fair Business Practice.

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