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Now Earn Fix Monthly Advertisement Income

The new earning opportunities are rising every day, and every day you get to know a new way to earn. This is best time when innovators are actually very active and giving out some awesome methods for the webmasters to actually make some serious money.
The New Age
Firstly it was sales, then it was leads, then it was cost per click, then it was cost per impression, and now its kind of fixed size income for the bloggers and webmasters. A new trend though in beta has attracted many users around the web.
What’s the Opportunity is
The simplest of its kind, Matched, yes this is the name of new website who is actually promising to give advertisement for your websites or blogs on fix monthly payment basis.
How all Shapes up
No hassle nothing. Just signup for a publisher account and submit your website(s) or blog(s). They will review and if approved you will be given an advertisement worth £3 per month.

Matched Publisher

Not much! Isn’t it, but think this way, you will actually get paid £3 per month on one page of your website, yes the £3 earning per month is for the advertisement to be placed on one page only. Like wise you can submit up to 5pages per website making it a £15 per month for 5 pages in your website.
You can have any other ads along with this. No restriction from Matched.
If you think that £15 is less so there is another solution, in Matched, you can submit up to 5 websites. Yes this makes it look attractive in terms of getting fixed income per month.
The calculated stands like this:
£3 = 1 page 1 website
£15 = 5 Pages 1 website
£75 = 5 pages 5 websites
More Money
There is more to make for you. You get a signup bonus of £5. Matched also has an affiliate program, where you can make £5 for every publisher you refer, only catch is that the publisher you refer must run the matched advertisement for one month. This is necessary to actually get hold of spam.

Matched Affiliate

About Payment
If you are in UK, then simple add your bank account to get paid and for all others you can add your paypal account to get paid. Once your ads have been live on your site for a month, you will be paid on the 15th of the month.
Helpful for
If you are still thinking that this income is less and who can benefit from this, so make up your minds this is a static/fix income which you will make and always you can have other advertisements with this.
So, if there is some extra cash pouring in your pocket, I don’t think you need to think that what this income will stand up to. Just make an addition to your monthly income.
Click here to Signup for Matched Publisher Account.

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  1. megha
    June 5, 2009 Reply

    we are interest this owrk.so plz provide me details about it.we are waiting your reply
    with regards

    • infogle
      June 5, 2009 Reply

      Sorry to say you are late for this… the website has already stopped working and closed its operation.

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