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I am pretty sure about this that if it comes to optimization than 100% of webmasters choice would be Google. As, Google has some of the explicit features in search engine.
Now, is there’s only optimization for Google important I don’t think so! As the new search engines are evolving and also the old search engines have also started performing well, so this has given rise to the new dimensions of optimization.
Google Has Become Competitive
As everyone is considering Google only, so competition is at the peaks in Google optimization. True! Google will also send you enormous amount of traffic if optimized correctly. But this does not mean that you should not consider other search engine optimization.
Other Search Engines
If you see at Yahoo search they have pretty much excelled and enhanced features, which has given, rise to traffic at yahoo search and some of the users have also drifted interests.
There are more search engines that many users like to follow. These are namely Meta search engines, which use the API of the popular search engines.
As Google don’t provide API now and they stopped years ago, but these Meta search engine also are able to drive some quality traffic.


So What’s The Solution?
The only solution is that you should also consider optimization for other search engine and you can very easily achieve optimization for other search engines. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Just submit your sitemap (in whatever format is required by other search engines).
  2. Include “Meta Tags” in your site.
  3. If required make a sitemap on your site also.
  4. Submit your site to link directories and article directories.

These four steps will cover most of the optimization for all kinds of search engines at the basic level. (Not most in terms of Google optimization) but due to these steps you will able to get all round traffic for your website and will generate greater visibility.

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