Happy New Year 2016

First of All We All at Infogle.com Wish You All a Very Happy New Year 2016!!

We are much excited about this new year and have poised to bring some great projects and work for you. As it is already updated in the section that We are welcoming all of you to Start Business with Infogle as we have a stream of good products that can be easily profitable.

More to come this year!

This year we will be addressing to some issues which we have been thinking to blog about but for one or the other reason we avoided it or the right word would be passed it. This year probably you will be able to get some great content on the blog and along our network.

So keeping all Good Faith with the New Sunrise!

Happy New Year 2016!

Why PM Modi is Visiting to Please Companies

This is not a political blog and I don’t usually make a political post. It’s high time for any one to digest the things that are going around with the political system in India.

Our Prime minister who is trying to take every credit in his name shows that how hard is he working for getting investments for India and creating India a master country. Before we make our any assumptions on anyone just refer to the basic stats what they say about whom.

Basic Stats
These figures are approximately but they can give a clear picture about what is happening around.

Population of USA: 32crores
Population of India: 125crores

Right! So we are obviously a bigger market space for any company – a bigger growth story for any venture – reason being we are still growing.

Next, if you see the Internet users count:

Internet users in USA: 84% of population (i.e. 26.88crore)
Internet users in India: 18-20% of population (i.e. 25crore)

Therefore, you can clearly understand what is happening, USA has only 26.88crore Internet users whereas; in India we have approximately 25crore and Growing every day. In less than a year or so our Internet users will cross the total population of USA. Then why do we have to visit these countries for getting investment?

PM Modi visited USA and met with Google, Facebook, Apple etc. to get investment for India but that is not even needed – These companies would come naturally to India – they have to please us to get in India and do their businesses.

We are bigger and stable market. Google and Facebook are banned in China; therefore, to grab business where else would they go in the world?

I am not getting this that why are PM is going to places to grab investment for India. First make India an investment destination – our very own population can do much for India and for it’s so called growth story. Thus, we don’t have to depend on US companies for developing India.

Social Bookmaking Will Take You No Where

Google has changed much with the every update in the search algorithm. Now, its even more difficult for SEO people to do optimization for any website.

Previous people were taking it too easy to do any SEO for the website – Just make some social bookmarking entries and Google will mark the website as Good backlinks and will increase the ranking.

Times and Algorithm Changed
Google has changed every piece of algorithm, which was pointing to rating of bookmarking backlinks. People who are still doing and paying people to do social bookmarking can really stop immediately.

Since, this would be negative optimization for your website. We have tested it all and then came up with this review.

Reason for This
Many people are doing bookmarking and just for the sake of gaining backlinks and this is given rise to nothing but a whole bunch of backlinks which are nothing but just for the sake of optimization.

As, People were submitting same information again and again to same top PR bookmarking sites that this would obvious be looked up as spam.

Design Ecommerce Website is Part of Infogle

We have recently launched a different website to cater the ecommerce designing customers separately.


This website is part of Infogle – so when you reach to this website for any designing be sure that you will get quality work and on time performance – as it is been backed up a 10-year old company.

Excellent Staff Match up
We have dedicated staff related to this work – therefore, you can get the quality performance every time.

For any query that is submitted via designecommerce.website is usually replied within 2hrs at any given day.

Competitive Rates
As per the Infogle norms we believe in quality at competitive rates – the same has been kept for the designing ecommerce website. You will get excellent work and great performance from our side at the most competitive rates.

We also have clubbed various Freebies for you along with the ecommerce website development.

We not only make your online store we actually make successful business for you.

Start Your Hosting Business and Earn Easily

You might think that Web Hosting business is bit outdated and there is much competition in the niche. True! there’s much competition but with competition comes the courage to be successful.

Web Hosting Business
When you choose to start web hosting business – though you might be knowing about this business from long time – but the basic thing that you need to start the Web Hosting business is to have a proper server and proper server maintenance and then market the product to the right people and spend money with the advertisement. I am not exaggerating but all these and more to it are facts.

Easy Web Hosting Business
Infogle Web hosting business is so easy to opt-in You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything will be taken care off:

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In short, When you subscribe to Infogle Web Hosting every thing is taken care off and you can do your business stress free.

Other Clubbed Offers
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