Vodafone India is Bluffing Customers

Few of the International Giants when come to India start bluffing about the facts and services in the same phase Vodafone India are no Different.

What They are Doing?
Vodafone is actually sending messages for the new subscribers (as in our case) that the call rate for Local and STD is 35paisa/Min on your SIM.

The fact is when we made local calls assuming that the call rate was 35paisa / minute – To our surprise we were actually charged more than a rupee per minute. No different in STD charges.

We Cross Checked
Immediately we made call to Vodafone India Customer care and verified that you people sent the message for 35paisa/min Local and STD and we are actually being charged over Rs.1/minute – So bluntly, customer care executive rejected it and said that there is no local plan for 35paisa per minute – Yes there is actually a STD plan but that is not active your SIM.

Also, when we said that we have received such a message from Vodafone itself – so executive clearly rejected – that we could not send such messages.


We truly believe this, that Vodafone is actually bluffing and over-charging the customer with their false allegations. As, its not an Indian company so all the profits are shared with their parent counterpart.

If you think on broader picture – how many customers and how much of funds has been actually scammed with such false allegations. Amount could be in millions. Therefore, TRAI should take the immediate actions to stop such a thing. As, its not Fair Business Practice.

Why You Need to Write?

Have you ever felt that why blogging has become the niche of our lives and why people are very close to blogging about the facts of their everyday life?

The question in concern is; why you need to write?

Blogging on Internet
It might though look like people have just twisted their lives towards blogging but the fact remains holistic. Blogging was there ever since – we figured out how to express ourselves in words.

The medium “Internet” has gratified the writing and accepted it as blogging. If you look behind the horizons of blogging you will yourselves find the blogging is no such a different world altogether but just a name to the history of writing in the mankind.

People before blogging were writing and were extensively doing it. No change in the life whatsoever. If you gather the thoughts you will find that writing was there in the lives before blogging and it was to the personal level or the reach was limited.

People use to write the personal stuff in diaries and kept it for themselves or their friends or relatives. But blogging incase has changed the factual world into digital world.

Now, people are writing for a cause – their concerns – their lives – their demands – their needs and whatever they feel like.

Blogging with the Edge
Since ever blogging and income plunge together it created a generous way to express you and get some regaining reward for it. People started blogging as their everyday routine and were expressing casually.

But after the exploration of income with blog – people are now doing it purposefully. You don’t need to do any different if you want to pickup blogging you can write what you feel like. You can write on anything you have no borders of imagination or any power that could control your thoughts.

Feel before you write the writing and you will gain.

How You Could Help Increase Your Adsense Earning

People do have misconception about the adsense earning – as far my experienced is concerned with people on adsense they do feel that earning is dependent on the right placement – okay that might be true but its not completely true – its just a part of it.

Basically what works is the traffic that is of quality and they visited your website/blog because they have liked the content.

So, all is about quality traffic and search engine listing and then comes the right placement.

However, you first need to have right content and quality traffic to rise above the competition.

What you need to follow:
Is the google guideline to score in your seo – and current google guidelines do say that you need to have your content above the ads even if you have adsense you need to rate your content above.

Secondly, you need not have fishy or spammy backlinks to your blog/website.

You can just do these corrections and work on it. Your website will be rated high on search listing and then you will get quality traffic that would yield you high adsense income – this can be true for any other PPC program.

When it’s Nice Around You

It’s a feeling around you that makes you happy and you excel in your work – I hope you are not thinking that you have visited a love blog – this is still a Webmaster blog.

Nice is the stuff I am talking about today on this blog post. You might have heard about lot of updates that has happened on Google and because of it – lot many sites have lost their rankings.

This is what you can relate to the “Nice” feeling.

What is Nice – I am talking about?
Its just about the right user experience that you have to give to any of your user when they visit your website.

Google loves it – if you give the right user experience to your visitors – since Google loves the content.

Now how to provide the right user experience: You just have to work on your content and it’s not about writing – but about the placement.

You need to place your content – or rate your content over the ads – you cant just post ads over your content – its counted as bad user experience and Google has become very very strict on this.

Therefore, create the nice user experience so when user feels that it’s nice around them they will like your website – and at the same time Google will list your website ahead of competition.

You will score at the end of the day!

Have Expressive Titles for Your Web Pages

Titles determine the pages name, it usually describes that what you will be getting if you are viewing any particular page heading. Also, page headings or Titles are important on Google search because it’s your site’s face on search.

Also, It helps Google to distinguish between the different pages present in your website. But there has been a recent change in the Google policy. So, make the changes accordingly on your website/blog for it.

Title Policy Now on Google.com
Google is confused about the site titles – because people normally, would type in the titles like: About us – Contact us – Services etc.

So, if you see Google, there are billions of these similar page titles in their index, which is why Google changed the title policy. It has been done to have the proper differentiation between the pages of the website.

Like for example: You are having about us and your website name is Infogle.com – so you have to write it the same way – explaining in the title itself:

> About us of Infogle.com
or > About us for Infogle.com
> Contact us Information of Infogle.com

Titles should have a proper definition that what are they meant for. It will not only help Google – but it will benefit your site too on the search index.

People searching for content will have proper information that what link they are clicking on and you could get more precise traffic for your site – that is why it is recommended now to have a definitive title for your web pages.