40 Years Old Mouse

The mouse, which we all use and cannot deny from the fact that it is most valuable resource for today’s computing world. The mouse has grown enough since the invention and now its 40-years-old.

If we go the history there were very bulky mouse in the comparison of today. If I am taking the stats right Mouse was first tried in 1968 and till the real mouse structure it was in developing stage with a final release of official Mouse in 1980.

Way back in 1984 Apple took the Mouse rights and as far as my knowledge is concerned the first Mouse that was shipped by Apple was also in 1984.

We cannot think of a desktop without a bundled keyboard and Mouse both make a perfect pair in the computing. The technology once given rise to Mouse is now the biggest nightmare for this small creature.

People have likely shifted their interest from traditional desktops to laptops and netbooks and now few of the computers are also available which are embedding the scrolling pad in the keyboard just like laptops.

Till the small creature is alive and keeping is pace to catch up the icons I am happy to use it.

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