Adwords and Hackers First Instance

Now this is serious to which I saw and read in about hackers. Hackers are now taking it very professionally. Now they are up to buying keywords. Yes you read it right they are now buying keywords.

What’s the Scene
Hackers are simply buying keywords in the Google search and they are not just optimizing they are advertising there site or location in the adwords.

This is getting more than serious as I came to know that they are now buying Google keywords in search to advertise.

Recently they picked the keyword “Obama win” and the strange fact is about the search result is they are even getting it on the top ranks. Great Minds isn’t it!

Screenshot Below
The screenshot below suggested they were not pointing to anything in the advertisement they were just letting to download something. What was it?


When clicked on the download link it prompted for an installer that is 100% check by Antivirus though this is fake assurance immediately a PDF file starts downloading and deliver a virus labeled Mal/PDFEx-B.

If you just watch the screenshot closely it will say that the download will save time and it is thought common sense that what will it be doing with “Obama win”. So next time whenever you see such kind of irregular advertisement placement that is not related to the keyword you have searched never ever click on to see the action.

You cannot see the live results as the placement has been removed. But just beware of the fact that anyone can play around your computer its just you who can save it.

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