Biggest of Flaws in iPad

The most hyped gadget of Apple Inc. The iPad though it is a device most people including me is lusting for – because of the touch sensitive feature and very much handy.

These were all the positives and more positives to follow in this series are the excellent feature to play games and to view videos. Just as bigger iPod Touch screen though but anyone will enjoy the quality.

Okay now enough about positives and people lusting for it but suddenly my lust for iPad is over and not at all interested in the product – because previously also it was having some disadvantages but I may not be knowing or did not bothered about it.

Biggest Flaws
I just found that iPad did not have flash feature – so what does this mean – I was literally shocked to read this in the review of iPad. Does it really don’t have flash? Yes! Its true – iPad does not have flash feature and this means that the websites which have embed flash in it and also some of the arcade games websites which are a good pass-time for many are useless in this iPad.

Damn! How it can be true
Yes! This came to my mind also – so approximately most of the internet is quite dead for iPad – as they don’t exist – and in today’s world where we know use flash for the simplest of application – iPad cannot withstand with it.

But I guess we have to live with some imperfect things too and iPad at this stage can be categorized to that. So, basically its not a Netbook – its really an iPad and can be rated just an exaggerated machine.

2 thoughts on “Biggest of Flaws in iPad”

  1. I think you are simply exaggerating that Ipad does not have flash. Its no big deal and if you have used Iphone then you would know that mac os doesnt support flash. Reason flash has scripting which is quiet unstable and could prob allow viruses. Mac os are on the best os around .. i have imac and no anti virus… still virus free.

    i can live withough flash but max stability and functionality beats anything .

    Ipad is amazing to use and quiet conviniet. I love my Ipad 🙂 got it this weekend only…

    Only thing i miss in it is webcam which i am sure ll come in next version.

    Waiting for Iphone 4.0 version 🙂


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