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The whole day was busy enough today as there are some critical changes happening on to the server point. I received quite number of emails from my friends and users that they were not finding the site at good speed.

And as far as the my post of keep your blog young related to server speed also, therefore decided to some work on server side, this is the reason that I could not post today. I hope to complete this work in day or two and you will be able to load the site at much faster speed.

Enough of my boring stuff about my day life, so what I have today for you. It’s all about blogging and blogs in the current sphere of Internet.

Blogs are getting more use to and people are relating much with blog and bloggers now a day, which was not possible before 4-5years back. If you have recently visited they are giving out the census about blogs and blog posts, at the moment when I am writing the post they are showing “3,019,806 blogs with 106,638 new posts today.” You can yourself see this by visiting and it’s very much visible in the left. See the current ranking has it changed?

I recently read these lines on webpronews and it goes like this:

“As for the idea that a newcomer to blogging can’t attract readers when pros are already covering a topic, Timothy Lee notes something almost everyone knows, pointing out, “[B]logging is not a good way to get rich.” He then continues, “People almost always start blogging as amateurs, and they blog first and foremost because they enjoy doing so… [T]here are much quicker and easier ways to earn some extra cash.” From this perspective, there isn’t much competition at all.”


Therefore for all of those who were still thinking to start a blog or start as a professional bloggers, it’s not late and you can start now also as there are still much to write and say about. So Happy Blogging!

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