Excellent Fooling Stuff for Twitter

Twitter has become the new life spending style for many and this is also the fact that most of us can’t leave twitter or keep aside.

But the usual issue with the 9 to 5 office going people is they have to face their boss for their work and they can’t enjoy the twitter on their work station – the fear of being caught is much.

Now you can forget all that because all requests have been heard and one application has been designed for twitter by which you can easily give illusion to your boss as if you are working.

SpreadTweet is the client application, which looks like excel spreadsheet – but it is twitter. You can download the tool and install in your comp – you need to have Adobe AIR tool to run this application. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – you can always access the web-based client application for browser.

Just see the screenshot below to get a perfect view of the application – you will be really amazed how it is designed – no one can catch you.


Download this application from here – this does have different variants to suit you.

But I would suggest to the office going staff that during recession avoid this tool and don’t use this particular tool much in your office because at the end you are not making any gain by not doing your work – this tool is a fun factor you can involve.

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