Fraud Mobile Selling for Samsung Guru Music

I was just visiting websites and doing random search for 4G phone – so this way the when you look at your facebook wall – related ads show up. Therefore, in those related advertisements was a advertisement that was featuring – Samsung Guru Music 2 phone with 4G – i immediately jumped to the website.

The website was kind of spooky – and not up to the mark – they were selling the stuff at the lowest possible cost – which you can’t think off. There were other stuff too – but i was stuck with the 4G phone that they were advertising its a Samsung Guru Music 4G phone.

After doing some googling for the term – i immediately jump to the conclusion that the phone they are showcasing as a 4G phone its a SPAM and nothing related to that is available in the market.

Motto of the website selling these kinds of spammy stuff is just draw a sale and send you the product which is not actually the product shown in the advertisement. Close the Deal and Never Ever Respond you again!

Beware!! with these kinds of website selling products at the extremely cheap price – they are always not real.

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