Google Launches Chrome

The war is on, as Google launches chrome its new Internet browser. The new Internet browser chrome has many of the exciting features. Every month a new Internet browser is launched with some differentiation or the other.

The new browser chrome is very easy to operate and any one can easily make their hand free on the browser. Google claims about the speed but I need to mention that it does not opens the web fast if compare to the IE8 or even Firefox but its still good.

Chrome Features
First of all I need to say Google Chrome is a long list of features, I would like to cover all the features and disadvantages.

  1. Very Easy Browsing with a click of mouse the new browser window opens.
  2. When you type the address of any website in the address bar to open the browser will make a suggestion list below of the suspected sites and also the sites which you have visited.
  3. There is an option to create hotkeys in the toolbar for the favorite sites.
  4. You can instantly view the thumbnails of the sites you visited.
  5. Also, you can instantly view the recent bookmarks and recently close tabs.
  6. Crash Control: Nicest feature that I have ever seen in any browser. You can view the task manager inside your chrome browser and see which tab is misbehaving, by looking at the resource usage in the task manager and you can close that particular tab. This saves the whole browser from getting closed.
  7. Safe Browsing: This is also the nice feature, in this you will be warned by the browser as you visit any site, which contains any harmful malware or fishing.
  8. There are few other features too such as instant bookmarks, dynamic tabs, import from previous browsers.

Most Trusted Feature
In my view what I love about chrome and this could be the USP of this new browser is to have Incognito Mode. This mode is very helpful when you are browsing some thing very important and don’t want to leave your traces to what you have visited. In this Incognito mode the browser does the same thing. When you open and website in this mode it will not leave any history in your computer or any kind of post-traces that you have visited a particular site.


Though this browser is having some of the unseen features but this also lacks some of the basic functions like email this page or email this link. Also, this version only works with Windows XP and Vista. Not to worry folks this browser will definitely lead with time and some minor alterations.

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