Google Started Paid Search and PR

Strange to know this fact and believe me I have not ever thought that Google will do this, they are starting a paid search.

Yes this is most shocking news for me in fact and may be to all others as well who actually believes that Google is a neutral search engine.

Now, all seo techniques will be put down and no seo will work, only the person who pays more will rank first and rest all things will be turned down now. The most shocking is the person who applied seo will be ruled out from search and will never be listed back again.

There’s more shocking now you can buy PR’s for your pages. Yes! Sadly all the current PR’s will rule out and the person who pays will get the PR’s and also the status of PR- Page Rank is changed now is called as Paid Rank.

This is the most of the awkward measures taken as far as search engine industry is concerned.

Google took this step to enhance the chances of the customers who are rich and who don’t know about search engine optimization at all. Hence making their work simple and far easier in terms of ranking above in search listing.


Therefore now is all about money honey. If you have money and want top search engine listing in Google then pay the amount. Google is just charging $1000 for a top listing for a general category and if there is competitive keyword then it will rank according to the bids.

Google makes this promise that they will not let the bids to go far of $100,000 for one keyword and if they bid go above the restricted price, they will make two categories for search.

Stop now, if you are doing a seo for the term or rather paying for some seo work then your money is all gone. Just pay Google for the keyword and your ranking will be up in 2days instantly.

Only restriction Google is having for paid search is you should have at least one line written in your web page, that’s it.

Google mainly took this step to ensure that more money flows to them, as Google is very well aware of the fact that people are buying one-way links and getting the PR’s and also some paying to get listed in search directory. So, now all will stop and only Google will earn in terms of seo.

Did I forget to mention that today is April 1st?

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