Google Turned to Blue

Google is changing with times as Google posted its 20% increase in the revenue share and added many user-friendly applications. These days Google’s adsense is also banning fewer amounts of people. As for a survey in recent past showed that many users account have been banned or suspended.

I think Google is really hearing now and he is taking the every coarse of action to improve itself in every sphere.

Now it was the turn of “Favicon” of Google. Yes if you have not noticed till just visit the homepage. You will see a new favicon for Google.


Yes the image above gives you a look of that. But seriously speaking this favicon is not too nice looking. I think the previous favicon was more suitable as it was covering all the shades or colors you can say of Google.

But now Google has turned itself in blue. Have you liked this favicon? Or do you think the pervious favicon was good.

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