Happy Birthday Infogle.com

Yes the day has come today is the birthday of Infogle.com. We have started our 5th Year in working. It has been nice so far.

It has been exciting also we have faced many challenges in these years and have successfully completed 4-years. There were many ups and downs but I do think there were not many downs because if there have been any we would have not existed.

I am really happy today that I have made it so far its half a decade one can say that we are in. Its very nice feeling, I am still searching for words to describe how it is feeling now but as happens to all you are always short for words in these moments.

Happy Birthday Infogle on 5th Birthday

Since 2005 when Infogle.com was started I have learnt many things and the credit goes to Infogle.com this website has not only been the earning point but also been the good teaching point for me.

Now I feel an extra responsibility to make Infogle.com even bigger in coming months. We have added some new sections and also have modified the home page. Want it to be on a different track from now on.

I will be updating about the new sections soon and what benefit you can get from these sections. Also, the design of the blog is replaced with new.

I also want to give the credit to our clients and customers without their support Infogle.com would not have survived for so long. Hope to continue to have your support. We always try to give as prompt service as we can.

Hope to have an excellent year ahead.

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