Have You Upgraded to WordPress 3.1

New WordPress version 3.1 is launched. Have you updated?

The new update is the fantastic of all. It has all the nice features. You will definitely like it.

It has very soothing admin panel – Not much change in admin panel only the colors have been modified to an extent – which gives it a soothing feel.

Most Liked Feature
The most liked feature in this WordPress 3.1 is the front-end part. If you are already logged into your wordpress admin section and view the front-end, you will see a new top-menu.

This menu makes the work even easier. There are few hot options – which are mostly used by any wordpress user. While viewing the front-end with just one click you can directly land to the blog-posting section – to write your article.

At the same time with a click you can view the comment section – change the widgets – Edit the menu and all the way you can visit the Dashboard.

Also, you will find a search option. I would rate this version of wordpress as on of the best wordpress versions till date.

Do update to see changes yourself!

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