How to Protect Your Identity from Being Theft

Few days ago I was watching TV and a technology program made a blunder on giving tips how to be safe on Internet. The reason I felt so because I get many people posting on webmaster forums or other forums that their ID is been theft.

The ID theft is because of some negligence at user end. This may be due to some malware installed on your computer due to some mishappening or may be some fishing emails.

But the easiest solution, which I have felt that you can also apply is just install any antivirus software and for Internet browsing use firefox only and keep the windows firewall on.

Not only this – as this was the basic requirement of getting security – but also I am talking how you can be so sure that the site you open is the real original site. Though this kind of thing is available in Internet Explorer – but I prefer to use firefox.

When you login to accounts and accounts which are more sensitive just as your credit card account username and password or paypal or any other where you want to be so sure about what you are seeing – try a simple thing.

Use the password store feature of firefox – this will allow firefox to automatically detect when you open paypal and your ID and passwords will be automatically entered by firefox.

So, you can be pretty sure that what you are seeing is real and if that is not real firefox will not enter your ID-password automatically.

And if you use firefox – on the other hand it will automatically detect if there is any fishing site or real site and it will automatically block the access.

Not a pro-trick – a very simple trick to follow and you can be protected from identity theft.

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