I am Back

Is it right to post this title or not I don’t know because after staying away from my blog for so long I am back with my postings.

Most of my users were thinking and even some emailed me that do I don’t have the content or topics to write on? And some even mailed me their ebooks also and included that if I am short of topics I can post their ebooks to my blog.

Not a problem with content or not short of topics either but I was really busy with my other work. We are coming with some more surprises soon and were busy doing that only. Also some of the project related work. Which kept me away from my blog.

But now I am thinking that whatever be the case I will at least write one post every day. A lot of development has taken place in this duration.

Few weeks ago I had written about the adsense earning falling. It was not a huge concern for anybody at that time but the decline was gradually started now if you read the tech guide or small business reports everyone is trying to imitate this news.

There are more developments also. Also I am writing an ebook, which will tell you how you can easily make money from CPAs like CJ or Pepperjamnetwork etc. By not creating landing pages.

So stay tuned I hope to conclude the ebook this weekend and will be available for everyone next week or so. The concept is really good and I have tried it for several weeks and it’s working.

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