I Have Been Cheated

Today I am not in a right mood to talk about anything I am still recovering. No! Nothing happened to me on the health side but I am really shattered that somebody who I believed has cheated me.

I was nearly robbed by a friend of mine ah! At least I felt like he was friend to me. We nearly know each other for the last 2years now and this has been the third year. All these years he was good to me. But you would never know a monster till you get in to his mouth.

Yes! The same case happened to me. He was sweet all these years of working but recently has been very unprofessional and unethical I don’t know the exact reason that why he has this attitude towards me. Though the money involved is not that big its just $200 for what he cheated me.

See, I have always told in my blog also that it’s not always about money. There is some thing more important than money. Its your self-respect and how you been with people around you.

He actually has crashed my faith. I will still not disclose his name and his website as I still believe that the person is not wrong but the circumstances he is passing by are wrong and that’s forcing him to take these stupid decisions. I am asking him repeatedly about the issue and if he could explain me I could help him or either I could understand the issue but looking like he is simply not interested.

He actually is holding a database of my client and not returning it on any condition. I am making repeated calls but all goes unanswered. I would like to give him another 2days for the quick resolution but if he fails then I would disclose all the things he has done to me. And believe me I am not the only one. I will disclose his complete profile so that others should not be scammed or cheated by these kinds of guys. Hoping for the best!

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