Intelligent Inbox from Gmail

Google has taken its inbox to the next step and it has now become the priority inbox – as they implemented a new service to the Gmail setting.

The service is too good to have it.

About Priority Inbox
As the name suggests it prioritize your inbox – it sorts the email which are more important and which are less important to you. This is useful for all those who usually have a full inbox all round day.

You don’t actually have to do anything to use this service – just click on the link to have this new setting on your Gmail account and system works automatically.

This means it gradually seeks your activity like which email usually you open first and which you often look at the last. So according to your activity system differentiates the important emails and less important emails, and tag them.

You can always edit the emails yourself – if you do feel that system has wrongly picked the important email.

One of the Best updates from Google!

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