Name of the Person Who Scammed Me and Others

I know you have been waiting to know the name of the person who actually cheated me with only $200 of money. I am not disclosing the name of the person because I was cheated, that is not the only reason. I think it’s my social responsibility to tell you what this person is up to so that no one else could just land in the scam of this person.

First make your minds the truth I am going to speak is 100% backed by proof and have records of all the things I am going to write. Even I am thinking to add some proofs in this post so that all could come to know and beware of this person.

The name of the person is Sushant Tiwari he is 42-years-old male as said by him, staying in Indore MP India. He owns a company called it’s a hosting company, also he book domains. For a hilarious look just see the about us section of his website.

This Sushant Tiwari is only up to money. My client’s website was hosted on with his server. He took the money just a month back and hosted the website. After getting the account clients was not at all satisfied with the results, as the server becomes slow very frequently and also remains down. So, I requested him for the refund, he send me the paypal screenshot that he don’t have any money in his paypal.

But on 7th May morning I received a call from my client and he said server is not working. I tried to contact Sushant but he did not responded. Just then he came online on messenger. I contacted him on chat; he said the problem would be solved within hours. I relaxed and passed the same to my client.

At that time I did not thought the hour he is mentioning would never come in this life span. I realized this after two days when he did not picked my phone calls not responded on messenger.

Believe me people if you want to learn about honest scam then he is the best teacher, he can teach you how you can yourself do an honest scam.

Not only this, he cheated me for one windows account also which I took in January 2008. He has shut down all the accounts and not renewed.

Also, another scam was done with me for $17, which he never returned. He took this money for renewal of a hosting account. Just see the image below of chat I had at the time of renewal. Just the next second after receiving the money he told me to shift the site to another server because he is going to shut down this server. I was shocked.


There is a huge list of clients who he has scammed and you can yourself see this thread:
Proof 1: Click Here
Proof 2: Click Here

Not many people posted in this thread as they are actually contacting the local police or cyber crime department for this. And most of us have already contacted the cyber crime cell.

He is still operating his business site and has no fear from cyber crime or police. Lets see what can be done. I will soon contact the local media and print-media people to kindly report them, so he gets the instant publicity. Isn’t it!

If you are the victim or want to support this operation kindly do post your support in comment. It will boost the energy of many victims.

24 thoughts on “Name of the Person Who Scammed Me and Others”

  1. Chase the buggers down and get there servers disconnected if you have the paypal account i can call paypal on your behalf to get there paypal limited for fraudulant activity’s you have my im talk to me on it

  2. Hey after reading this post it makes me sick thinking people are willing to take advantage of people trying to make money in the online world.

    I got scammed a few months back in a popular webmaster forum and it shattered my trust in people I don’t know. From then on I have met various people who are great and very fair in the business world.

    Keep faith in people, there are good honest people out there still 🙂 Hope your issue gets resolved in your favour.

  3. Dear Aman,

    He should be punished for this evil doings and I appreciate your efforts in unveiling this scammer.


  4. In this case your clients can obviously claim money from you because they paid you and not your service provider sushant.
    Regarding the guy you are referring to he is already having a bad name and will still continue unless someone legally sends him a notice and gets the money refunded.

  5. I am 100% agreed with this, he cheated me too. He cheated me and mine two friends also. We were having VPS with this scammer.

    owever, you may contact Palasia Police Station of Indore (locality of Sushant Tiwari) to phone number : 0731-2491775 / 2499400 and lodge your complain. I have already done that. Once 3-4 people calling up the PS against one person, the PS will take it seriously and take proper action, though they will request for a written complain to be sent by Registered Post. The address is :

    The Sr. Inspector,
    Police Station Palasia,
    Palasia Square,
    AB Road,
    Indore 452018

    He is a great liar and one should never believe him.

    Hope this helps

  6. Thats Sucks man! i also cheated once by…

    So, I personally Suggests you all. Go for Brand Hosting. Like Godaddy, Hostgator, IXwebhosting etc.

    Never buy hosting from Individuals one.

  7. Sushant Tiwari is a robber and robbed me… He has taken money from me and not provided services.. It was just for short period that he provided services.. and that too bull shit ones..

    I got all my sites shifted in new server.

    Even is a good service provider i feel..

    This were few example of my sites that are shifted on new server.. bcoz of Sushant the robber.. my site page ranking has also gone down due to high downtime.

    Hotels in Goa
    Goa Beach Resort
    Wedding Planners in Goa
    Kenneth Goa

  8. I have many of my sites hosted on his server. I never reacted due to the fear that I would loose my data. But, now, if anyone is going to file a police case against him, please count me in.

  9. guyz keep your eyes open this man i started hosting sites once again.


    try to contact with there admin and warn them about this scamer

  10. he cheated me too i need back of three website

    can any one tell what can i do to get back up

    i do not have back up and he is not picking phone

    can any one guide me plz
    ip of my server was i need back up of this

  11. i was scammed off money my owner of krishna cycles his name is Ankit Narendra Talati of Vallabh nagar indore he scammed me of 1000.00usd please be warned about him

  12. I’m also one more victim of “DREAMWEVER.COM Sushant Tiwari”. He is not picking up the cellphone, not replying the mails.

    I have paid him the payment for domain renewal before the expiry date, same day he sent me an email saying domain prices are hiked, you have to pay more. I paid him the remaining amount and emailed him to do the renewal, but still no renewal was done by him and domain expired.

    I emailed him again saying ” I have paid the remaining amount on your ICICI bank account. Please renew the domain now. “…
    Then he sent me an email saying ” Dear Sir, I will try to renew this domain as soon as possible. For D R E A M W E A V E R, Raghav Prakash

    I emailed him again saying ” renew my domain asap or refund my money “…
    Then he sent me an email saying ” Dear Sir, Please mail your Bank Account Details, so we can deposit the money into that account. For D R E A M W E A V E R, Raghav Prakash

    I emailed him my bank details saying ” Do the renewal asap or refund my money to my bank account “… but still no renewal and no refund.

    I have paid him to his ICICI bank account no. 004105500011 using online net banking transfer facility. I have proof of payment made to him. Can I take any legal action against Sushant Tiwari, using the proof of bank transfer details.

    I want to request ICICI bank also to help in this case and close his account, so that no else can deposit money on that account and became one more victim of DREAMWEVER.COM fraud.

    Now when I checked the site DREAMWEVER.COM, I was shocked to see the site, its showing is taken all current clients of

  13. I don’t normally post, but this reminded me of the recent news with the CEO of Craigslist wanting for an apology from the AG of South Carolina. Always something happening with CL and things in the news.

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