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    mens watches

    Steve has done a great job with releasing the brand new iPhone 4 which could revolutionize the method in which we use phones in the future. It’s been a while in the creating and it’s ultimately time for it’s release!

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    iphone ohne vertrag

    hi! thats cool! – just one question, do you know if it is possible to play iphone 3g software on the new 4g?

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      but why would you install 3G software to new 4G ?

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    Brett Szufat

    Im guessing Apple upped the megapixels.. tho its lacking a bit.. i wanted this version to go in the 8mp zone.. Nice phone tho 🙂

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    Casey Whitver

    Terrific post. Keep up the Awesome work.

    I am can’t wait until the Australian iPhone 4 comes out. But it will be a while i think.


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