Not Justifying Myself

For all these days when I was not writing and many people felt that I had quit blogging space and some thought that even I left or sold it. But that was not the even close to what I have been in to.

Please don’t consider this post that I am justifying myself but the situation I was in was beyond my control.

But now everything is smooth and I am back in business as usual – will tell all of you some other day that what was the case with me of not writing the blog post and not only this – I even had to lose lot of other works which are functional under the – few of my clients quit – seeking no reply from me.

People and clients close to me already know the reason and few of them had helped me to cope with the situation and I am very much thankful to them.

Hope to see good future
As I am content now – and flooding with new ideas – already updated the hosting section with new offers and with billing integration and activated the affiliates for the hosting section – so from now onwards you can promote Infogle hosting and make money with it.

Will keep all of you updated with new happenings and new methods of earning as there is much development around when I was away and few of updates I see in make money favor.

Therefore, stay tuned for more!

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